Smolensk guide
Virtual tour around Smolensk
This sightseeing tour of Smolensk is a walk thru the city and a talk which fill it with sense. This route includes main sights, architectural and historical monuments situated in the city center, locked inside the fortress walls. 

We’ll talk about main events that shaped the life of the city. We’ll try to draw its unique image for you connecting our city of history by colorful threads of storytelling to the lives of wonderful people and distant countries. We’ll show you our inspiration of Smolensk, give you the check list of unique local souvenirs. 

Smolensk will become the revelation for you. Feel it.

What shall we do?

• try to count the real age of Smolensk and find out it is much older than any other Russian cities.
• find the scars of three wars on its face.
• get to know the old fortress which is one of the longest in Europe.
• learn the names of the famous people who was born in Smolensk region (space man Yuri Gagarin, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, composer Mikhail Glinka etc).
• unveil the mystery of the star fortress  in the central park
• try to track the fate of the French general Gudin whose bones were found in Smolensk in 2019 .
• see the inspiring monuments of the beginning of the 20th century.
• pay our tribute to the bronze elk in the park who is a monument, a blogger, a fugitive and our neighbour.
• try to listen the music cast in iron.
• and rise over the city to see its main Assumption cathedral which mesmerizes every traveler.

Smolensk guide